We offer a five year warranty on all refinishing and one year on all repairs.


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Bathtub Refinishes in Richardson

Owning a nice home is our dream, there’s no doubt about it. It can be a significant one-time expense, and to keep it up to date can be a very high additional expense, BUT it does not have to be. We have for over 20 years brought our customers total tub, tile and countertop refinishing at a REASONABLE cost. Refinishing is a fraction of replacement and if done right, the way we do it, the refinished tub, sink or vanity may look better than a new one. Keep your home up to date with refinishing fromAll Surface Refinising. 

Complete Surface Refinishing and Transformations

Make your kitchen or bathroom look new at a portion of the cost of replacing with ALL SURFACE REFINISHING. We are a tub and tile refinishing company in Richardson, Texas with over twenty years of experience and can make surface areas look new again. Our bathtub refinishers provide repairs on most surfaces as well. From bathtub refinishing to window frame repairs, we do it all. Modernize your bathroom or kitchen at a fraction of the cost to replace. Contact us today for our complete refinishing service.

Expertly Refinished Bathtub

Bathroom Refinishing

By refinishing your existing tubs, tile, laminate or cultured marble vanities, you not only save money, but the headache that comes with replacement! We are able to match most colors and can change a dull, dated bathroom to something more modern and exciting. Our process combines quality refinishing material with well-trained craftsmen. ALL SURFACE REFINISHING is the most practical choice for anyone who is looking for REASONABLE remodeling.

By making ALL SURFACE REFINISHING your primary bathtub refinishing company, you will benefit by being able to rely on our blend of skills and experience. We have the tools and talents that allow us to work on any type and size of tub or shower. Our team brings transformative change to your bathroom by providing an entirely new look and feel to the room.

Fiberglass and Acrylics,
Showers and Shower Pans

We can refinish fiberglass tubs, showers and shower pans with the same material as most other tubs. Fiberglass tends to wear and can become weak on the bottom. We can check the bottom and fill in with material to strengthen it before refinishing. Our technicians are able to repair anything from a dime -size chip to a severely cracked and weaken bottom.

Fiberglass Tub Refinishing

Kitchen Surface Refinishing


ALL SURFACE REFINISHING can refinish all types of kitchen countertops with either one color or multicolor. Changing the color of the countertop or tile backsplash can transform a dull, dated kitchen to something that looks modern with a fraction of the cost of replacement. Most countertops and backsplashes can be refinished in one day.

Wood kitchen cabinets that were stained can become dated and can be refinished in any color to give them the look of new factory finished cabinets. We can prep the area and spray the same durable refinishing material used on bath tubs to give the cabinets an easy to clean and durable surface. Kitchen cabinet jobs normally takes four to five days.

Cultured Marble Surfaces

Older cultured marble tubs and vanities become dated over time and with the introduction of new tubs and vanities, it can make your older cultured marble look dated and maybe hard to sell.  You can make yours look new by refinishing.  We are one of the only companies that have over 20 years of experience in refinishing cultured marble.  Replacing cultured marble tubs and vanities can also be very expensive.  We can refinish for a small fraction of replacement and they will look as good as new.

Refinished Marble Sink in Richardson

Before and After Repairs


Accidents happen! Tubs, vanities, tile, and shower pans get chipped or damaged. ALL SURFACE REFINISHING has trained repair technicians who specialize in only repairs. We do repairs for most of the DFW major home builders and this same service is available to you or your real estate agent. We do the following repairs:

• Chip repairs on all type tubs
• Cultured Marble polishing or repairs
•  Stainless Steel sinks or appliance polishing
• Aluminum and Vinyl Window Frame Repairs
• Fiberglass repairs
• Metal door dings
• Shower pan repairs including foaming bottoms
 Call us for fast (usually within 24 hours) repair service

What to Expect Before and After

We try to make the process easy. To prepare for our arrival, just have everything off the tub, countertop, and vanities. We will take it from there and prep and protect all surrounding areas. We use an exhaust system to remove as much dust and odor as possible.

Please allow a MINIMUM of 24 hours for the surface to fully dry and cure. Due to the nature of refinishing, you may notice a small amount of dry spray or rough feeling on the surface. This is normal and should go away with a few days of use and normal cleaning. If not, just call us and we will come back to polish the area. We have a list of recommended cleaners to use and a list of items not to use on the surface.

What to Expect Before and After

One Final Benefit

One final and unexpected benefit that some people don’t consider when they decide to refinish, and not replace, their sink, tub, or shower enclosure is that, not only is it economical, but it’s also eco-friendly. Rather than just throwing out and replacing those worn or damaged items, and having them pile up in crowded landfill sites, refinishing them prevents them from becoming part of the waste stream. It’s a win-win for you and Mother Nature.